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Holding Negligent Individuals Responsible

Thousands of American households have at least one dog in the family, and it’s easy to see why: dogs can be loyal companions and a joy to be around. However, they also require discipline and training and can be challenging to take care of if you’re an individual who can’t handle responsibility.

Sometimes dogs lash out, and whether it’s a result of poor training or something is wrong with the dog, people can get seriously injured. When people are bitten by dogs, the dogs’ owners can be held personally responsible for any and all damages like medical treatment, lost wages, and more.

If you or a loved one, like a child, has been injured by a dog, you need the insight and experience from a law firm that has handled cases like yours before. Vazquez Injury Law Group’s Clarks Summit dog bite attorney has successfully settled countless dog attack claims and can apply our knowledge to your case when you call.

Understanding Pennsylvania Dog Bite Laws

All states have their own laws when it comes to dog owner responsibilities, and many have laws that make dog owners strictly liable for all dog bites.

However, some states like Pennsylvania mandate that the victim must prove that the dog was vicious, the owner was negligent, or the owner caused that attack by violating an animal control law. This means that if you were injured by a dog, you need to have evidence that proves the dog owner made some kind of mistakes in order to have a successful case.

Some examples of dog owner mistakes that an injured victim can show in their claim include:

  • The owner was aware their dog was dangerous and failed to keep it away from other
  • The owner failed to warn others about their dog’s aggression
  • The owner failed to keep their dog restrained, such as on a leash

Pennsylvania’s leash law also dictates that dogs must either be kept on the owner’s property, on a leash, or be under the control of its owner or a third party.

If you can show that the owner violated the leash law and that the violation is what led to the dog attack, you may be able to secure financial compensation. It’s worth noting that a bite isn’t necessarily required to have a valid case – a dog can cause other injuries, too.

Common Dog Bite Injuries & Complications

While many people think of dog bites as simple, superficial scrapes and grazes that heal within days, dog bites can be serious if the pierce your skin deep enough and can cause infections. Additionally, a dog can cause other injuries if, for example, they knock you over, or they chase you and you slip and fall.

Some common injuries resulting from dog attacks include:

  • Abrasions and lacerations, which can either be superficial or cut into the skin and reach the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels of your body. Some lacerations require medical attention and stitches to avoid infections.
  • Infections that come from bacteria in the dog’s mouth or from bacteria or germs present on your skin. About 10-15% of all dog bites lead to infections. If you experience symptoms like redness, swelling, or pain in the site of infection, seek medical attention right away.
  • Rabies, which is the worst infection you can get from a dog bite and causes about 50,000 deaths per year. It’s important to learn whether the dog that attacked you has a rabies shot; if they’re not vaccinated, a medical professional can treat you and prevent rabies from developing.
  • Crushing injuries, which can occur in attacks involving large dogs. Sometimes dogs can crush or break your bones in an attack, also injuring your soft tissues and muscles. Young children are especially susceptible to these types of injuries.

For accessible legal services in English or Spanish, don’t hesitate to call 570-586-5157. Our dog bite attorney serves clients in Clarks Summit, as well as in Scranton, Hazleton, and other areas in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Dog Bite?

Our attorney has decades of experience and have handled our share of dog bite claims, most of which hold the dog owner responsible for injuries. We know what evidence we need to collect to strengthen your claim and prove that the owner was negligent in their behavior, and that their negligence caused your injuries and damages.

In some cases where a minor was handling the dog at the time of the accident, such as on a neighborhood walk, their parents may still be held financially responsible, as the minor is covered by their insurance.

Dog bites, especially bites on the face, can cause disfigurement and require thousands of dollars to treat in cosmetic surgeries. Our team can account for all of these expenses and much more so we can achieve a settlement that works for you and your family. Your future can still be bright with our caring attorney on your side.

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